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Last Updated: June 2023



By submitting a payment to Creatives By Ty specifies that you have read and understood these Terms and Conditions and that you agree to these Terms and Conditions. ​

Please understand that at any time, Creatives By Ty has the right to change and/or edit our Terms & Conditions and pricing without any notice to consumers. ​

Legal action will be taken in case of fraudulent charge-backs, harassment via online, email or phone and any form of threats.

Copyright is retained by Creatives By Ty on all designs including logos, web designs, and or any branding content until all costs are settled.

We have the right to decline any project or client. Any unpaid invoices are cancelled within 24-48hrs. After 7 days of no communication the client's invoice will be cancelled.​ If a choice of designs is presented to you within your project, only the design that you chose is deemed to be given to you. All other designs remain the property of Creatives By Ty. 

All services are to be paid in FULL at the time of booking. For invoices over $300, 50% of the payment is due at booking and the remaining balance is due in order to receive the final project. NO designs will be completed without payment! Monthly memberships are billed through invoice monthly due to the nature of the service. 

Deposits and payments are 100% Non-Refundable. Due to the fact that we provide a custom service, the time that it takes to create designs is non-refundable. Our time is valuable and so is yours so please communicate professionally and responsibly of your design expectations. Creatives By Ty does not provide refunds for any services unless agreed upon. Having buyers remorse or wanting to use another company instead is not a suitable means for a refund. Once payment has been made to Creatives by Ty Design Studio, the project will begin in the time frame given to the client. It is advised that you give the project a realistic amount of time for completion for these reasons: revisions may be needed, it may be a peak in the orders received and prior work received may take longer than expected. We provide a suitable time frame, however, there may be an additional business day or two needed before we can begin if it is a busy time.  

At Creatives By Ty there will be no refunds once payment has been confirmed, once the designer has started planning, layouts or options have started being created. As a client you are paying for the design (final product, NOT the source file. A payment is due before the design process starts.) ​ If for any reason you want to cancel a service already rendered or paid for, that is your choice. However, due to the work produced or in queue, payments already received by Creatives by Ty, will not be refunded in order to offset the loss of business. If partial work has already been received by the client and they choose to cancel, the partial or full payment that has been paid will not be refunded. Ownership of all artwork, layouts, and development will remain the property of Creatives by Ty Design Studio and remaining work will not be sent to the client for their ownership. If the project is in its final stage, ownership will only be transferred to the client after full payment is received. ​

The client has 7 days to respond to our emails and proofs. After this grace period, the order will be terminated, and the client will have to pay a restart fee of $75. Waiting on responses/decisions hinders us from closing out projects and moving on to new clients. We understand that life happens. Just openly communicate that with us. Trust, we will do our best to work with you.  

**This agreement can also be terminated by Creatives by Ty Design Studio for the following reasons: 
1. Rejection of several designs without giving sufficient criticism or suggestions, leaving the designer to guess what they dislike (“I don’t know what’s wrong. I just don’t like it.”)
2. Requests features that were not in the original agreement, or on the original on-boarding form and then refuses to pay for extra services rendered.
3. Makes unreasonable requests, usually with delivery time (“I would like four different versions of the website by tomorrow night, thank you!”I would like the website to be changed from the original request to another design")
4. Is unable to make decisions, forcing the designer to make constant changes to the design.
5. Overly-contact and harassment.
6. Client deemed difficult to work with.   ​

Any client who books a service and disappears after 7 days of no show , no call, no response--you will receive 2 follow up emails. If emails are not responded to after a 5 day period and no formal agreement made between the client and Creatives by Ty Design Studio, Project will be deemed as fortified and no refund will be provided. If Client would like to continue before 2 months a restart fee of $75 will be charged before project resumes.  

All communication is done strictly via email. I do not answer messages about orders on any other platform. Creatives by Ty Design Studio will only communicate with the business owner, no outside parties. If the client is not happy with a product you may talk it over with us, the designer. After the product drafts are sent to the client, revisions are due no later than 5 days after receiving the email. Failing to contact the designer without concerns means the product will be finalized & client will be charged for revisions.   Please be advised Creatives by Ty Design Studio works on many orders at the same time and there may be short periods of time where you do not receive any contact until there is something to produce for your approval. If you have any concerns, please email at  

All artwork takes between 5-14 business days ( LOGO DESIGN, FLYERS, BUSINESS CARDS, MOTION GRAPHICS 2-4 WEEKS FOR WEBSITE DESIGN, BRANDING PACKAGES AND LARGER PROJECTS. Depending on the workload, artwork may take less or more time than advertised. You will be notified if there is a significant delay to your project. Rush fees are available.  

The design process will be done in rounds. Round 1 is the first design concepts sent for client to choose design/s to move forward with. Round 2 and 3 are revisions. You will receive several concepts in the first round, the number of which is dependent on the product & details given to create. You will receive 2 free revisions to the concepts. Anything above 2 revisions will be subject to a $30 per revision fee.  Revisions May Cause Delay in Turnaround Time. Additional Concept $45.

Once final work is sent, client has free reign as to what to do with their product. They must, however, under no circumstances sell the graphics to a third-party. Client does not have to display Creatives by Ty Design Studio name when posting the work completed, but Client may not seek to mislead others that the work was created by anyone other than Creatives by Ty Design Studio. Draft files and samples of designs are property of Designs by Ty Design Studio and shall not be used in any way or posted onto social media.


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